• Weaving Lowestoft
    Part of the fishing boat pulled ashore (right – just in view) and the sea Yarns and coloursBroad strokes – the focusFirst planUmpteenth planWith colourDecisions square or long?Decisions square or long?Weaving detailWeaving detailThe backLowestoft finished
  • Tapestry ‘Lowestoft’ almost finished…
    Tapestry 'Lowestoft' is ready for the off…
  • Cordis Tapestry Prizes – Tapestry Showcase 2019
    I am delighted to announce that my tapestry 'Surface Tension' has been selected for the 2019/20 Cordis – Tapestry Showcase. The showcase is held each year in The Scottish Cafe and Restaurant at the National Galleries of Scotland and will open on 27th November and run until mid January.  The object of the showcase is to encourage amateur and emerging … Read more