I am currently inspired by what can be seen fleetingly in the movement of water to produce abstract tapestries.  I enjoy swimming and whilst doing so often find myself drawn to the patterns on the surface of the water, on the floor of the pool, as well as pools of water, oceans and sea-side bays – they have all been inspirational in the creation of my tapestries that predominately use flowing undulating forms.

Recent work ‘Lowestoft’ (Lowestolzl) is more geometric, influenced by the work of artists Gunta Stolzl and Annie Albers is a break away from these flowing forms, attempting to capture water qualities but in a different way.

I use a variety of fibres: wool, silk, nylon, raffia and yarns some of which I knit and then weave with.  I select yarns, which I feel, will be sympathetic to the theme helping to translate the images into textile pieces.

Lowestoft (Lowestolzl) April 2019 – October 2019
Lowestoft detail
Ripple Feb – Apr 2018 
Ripple detail
Surface Tension Oct 2017 – Apr 2018
Surface Tension detail
Turbulence Feb – Mar 2017
Turbulence detail
Swell – Shadwell Basin Jan – Apr 2016
Shadwell Basin detail

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